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Review of "A Better Life: Slowing Down to Get Ahead" by Rebecca Smith

I discovered Better Life Bags (and the business founder Rebecca Smith) about a year and a half ago, and have been a fan ever since. Better Life Bags is an online bag company that creates jobs for women with barriers to employment in Hamtramck, MI. They make gorgeous, highly customizable fabric and leather bags! While most of the ethical/fair trade companies I follow base their production outside the US, it's not hard to see that there are needs for jobs within our borders too. When I found out Rebecca was writing a book, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it!

I love a good story, and the book contains many stories from Smith’s life and business. Some books of this style I've read almost don't have enough of the story element to make the author relatable and interesting to me. "A Better Life" was personal, almost like getting to know a new friend. I particularly appreciated Smith's accounts of her college and post-college experience. As someone else who long dreamed of being a wife and mom, and then wasn't quite sure what to do when that didn't pan out on my timetable, it was nice to read about the experience of someone who found herself in a similar situation! While I thoroughly enjoyed the stories about Smith's business experience, I loved her reflections on life and motherhood.

This book offers something for almost everyone, from student, to stay-at-home-mom, to career woman, to retiree. The one limit I would put on that is the book seems to be primarily for a white, middle-class, female audience. I suspect those with a different experience or background might find much of the book less relatable.

The conversational and encouraging tone makes "A Better Life" an easy, fun read. However, there are also many wonderful lessons and insights that invite the reader to learn and grow! I so appreciated Rebecca Smith's message to slow down, appreciate life right now, and be obedient to God in His timing.

You can learn more about Rebecca Smith and A Better Life on Instagram @rebeccasmithonline or #ABetterLifeBook.



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