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Liz Alig Fall Capsule Box Try-on and Review

I was sooo excited to see Liz Alig launch a Fall Capsule Box a couple weeks ago -- a chance to try 5 new items from a brand I love and select items to keep with a discount! You can read about the details of how it works and order a box on the Liz Alig site. I simply submitted my style preferences and measurements, and 5 items arrived at my door just a few days later. I love a LOT of pieces from this brand, so I just mentioned that I'm a stay-at-home mom, so my style is usually more comfy/casual clothes, but I do enjoy dressing up on occasion. Here are my thoughts about the capsule!

Oh, hi, favorite new cardigan. First was the amazing Delancy Sweater. It's pretty much completely handmade in Nepal, from the wool fiber spinning to the natural dye to the knitting. Purchasing it helps fund women's education programs in Nepal, plus it allows women to work from home so they can care for their kids while earning an income. Both of those benefits mean a lot to me. This sweater is gorgeous, and I wear cardigans a TON in the fall and winter. This ever-so-slightly rusty red color is way different from anything else I have, and it doesn't do that bad thing with my hair and skin tone that some reds do. It will work really nicely into my wardrobe, functioning almost as a neutral, but way more fun. Absolutely love it.

This is the Velvet Sydney Wrap Dress. It is so gorgeous and fit to perfection. I loved the rich green color and amazing fabric. It's also cool that it's upcycled fabric. It was rejected by a larger factory for some reason (maybe they bought too much or it didn't "match" their color close enough), but was put to good use here! It was just a bit too low cut for my personal comfort. I would definitely recommend it though if you are maybe smaller-busted or just comfortable with a deep V-neck.

Check out this classy, versatile Clara Tunic! It's fairly made in Cambodia from recycled/upcycled denim. I love that the long sleeves are easy to roll, it's long enough for me to wear with leggings, and it unbuttons to breastfeed if needed. (I'm pretty sure that last one wasn't on the design radar, but it's important for me for casual wear right now.) Win!

Super cute Dilsi Overalls, fairly made in Bangladesh from recycled, hand-woven cotton. Unfortunately, the fitted, skinny-leg pants just didn't work for me. (There's a reason I cropped this photo....) Theoretically they were my size, so if you're concerned about room in the hip/thigh, I would size up. Almost a style I would wear, but I need a looser cut.

One of my favorite things about trying a box like this is discovering the unexpected. I would never have picked out the Eloise Dress myself. In fact, I had seen it on the site and honestly thought "meh." However, once I pulled it out and slipped it over my head, I mind was changed! Added my new favorite cardigan and I was totally sold on the comfortable/cozy/easy style. I anticipate wearing this dress year-round, and the simple cut of this style is practically timeless. Plus, the quality is legit! Gorgeous, soft, hand-woven cotton fabric, hand-hemmed (What! Really.), and hidden side pockets. (The website says this dress sometimes has come with only one pocket, but this one has two.) It's made at a work program in India that gives a dignified job to seamstresses who have struggled with abuse and poverty.

There you have it! I've purchased from Liz Alig in the past, but I was really impressed with the quality and diversity of the items in this capsule box. I enjoyed getting to try some new things from the fall line, and will definitely be able to incorporate the pieces I chose into my wardrobe! If you want to shop Liz Alig items, learn more about their fair trade practices, or try the Fall Capsule Box for yourself, here's the link to the site. Let me know what you think!

(Note: I purchased the Fall Capsule Box and other items as a retail customer who loves this brand and that they do good for those who make their products! However, shopping via links in this article does allow me to earn a small commission. I appreciate your support!)



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