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My first Stitch Fix!

Stitch Fix is a style box of 5 items chosen for you by a stylist and delivered to your door! I decided to give it a try after reading about it on I'm a HUGE fan of Molly Stillman; she's super knowledgeable about ethical fashion! First, I filled out a style survey about my style, size, and price point preferences, including my request for as many ethical and made-in-the-USA brands as possible. Then, I ordered my first Fix! The stylist fee is $20, which includes shipping and return shipping, and is credited toward any items you keep from your Fix! For now, I'm getting Fixes monthly, but you can choose every few weeks, monthly, every other month, or every 3 months. You can also leave a note for your stylist about what types of things you might like to see in your Fix, and I requested some pieces that would be good for the transition from winter to spring. So here's what I got, what I kept, and what I thought.

Loveappella tank, returned

I really loved the print of this tank, but was a bit disenchanted when Loveappella's website said they make all their clothing in LA, but this top was labelled "Made in Mexico." Also, the back armholes were cut in pretty far, so there was a lot of bra strap showing, which I didn't love.

Market & Spruce t-shirt dress, returned

Market & Spruce is a Stitch Fix exclusive brand, and manufacturing details about where/how their products are made were pretty elusive. I expected to love this dress, but just didn't. I think it probably could have been a size smaller.

41 Hawthorn caridgan, returned

41 Hawthorn is another Stitch Fix exclusive brand, so I couldn't find information on manufacturing ethics for this either. The details being on the upper arms was just an awkward look to me, though the embroidery was pretty.

Nakamol necklace, kept!

I LOVE this necklace and the story behind the brand. Short version, it was started by an international student at a U.S. college, and is now bringing employment opportunities to rural areas of her home country. I'm not an expert, but I think these stones are labradorite, one of my favorites! The long, asymetrical look is super versatile, and can see wearing this a lot!

Market & Spruce tie top, returned

Purple is my favorite color, so I was bummed that this top didn't work for me. The sleeves were an awkward length, and the tie placement had a nasty affect on the appearance of the width of my hips. Also not a fan of the chest pocket. Again, I think this could have been a size smaller, so I think I'll adjust my sizing request for tops and dresses to small instead of medium in the future. It would be easier to know that a small is too small and exchange for a medium, than to think maybe a medium is too big and wonder if a small would work.

Cosabella pajamas add-on, kept!

So in addition to the 5 items your stylist picks out, you can also choose pajamas and underthings to add to your Fix. These pajamas caught my eye because I had been wanting something knit, long-sleeved, and button-down (aka, nursing-friendly). These fit the bill, are super comfy, and I love them.

So, overall impressions: I was a bit disappointed that only 1 of my 5 items was a brand I could really feel good about supporting regarding their ethics, and I included that in my feedback note. On the other hand, I know that is not the focus of the Stitch Fix company, so it was probably asking a lot of my stylist. It was definitely fun to have a few different things sent to my door to try on! The styles were pretty good for me, and I think the sizing will be better if I change what I have in my style profile. So, I'm definitely looking forward to my next Stitch Fix! If you want to try it out for yourself, this link will get you $25 off any items you keep from your first box!

What do you think? Do you like these styles? Did I make the right choices?



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