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May Stitch Fix Review

This is my third box from Stitch Fix, and it definitely pushed my comfort zone! I had left several suggestions about things I might like to try, and I'll mention below what those were with the individual pieces. So here's the run down on what I got, what I kept, and what I thought.

For the photos, I thought I'd try a solid background instead of my slightly-dated double-fold closet doors which I used the first couple months, but I'm not sure I'm loving the results. The it's not a great background color for me, plus lighting was off and most of the pictures are a bit fuzzy. So it might be back to the closet doors for next month, we'll see.

{Stitch Fix Basics: Stitch Fix is a style box of 5 items chosen for you by a stylist and delivered to your door! A style survey tells your stylist about your style, size, and price point preferences. The stylist fee is $20, which also includes shipping and return shipping, and is credited toward any items you keep from your Fix! You can get Fixes every few weeks, monthly, every other month, or every 3 months. You can share links to your Instagram and/or Pinterest board to give your stylist ideas of what you like. You can also leave a note for your stylist about what types of things you might like to see in your next Fix. If you want to try it out, this link will get you $25 off any items you keep from your first box!}

bright pink denim pants
JEN7, Cropped Frayed Hem Skinny Jean, $99, Made in China,

One of my requests for my stylist was that I might like to try some colored denim, and these definitely were! I don't know what I expected colored denim would be, but this was intense. Definitely not something I would have chosen myself since bright pink usually isn't my color. These were pretty big, kind of long for crops, and I don't think I would wear them often because I don't own much to match, so they were returned. Two side notes: 1. My husband said he liked these...I don't understand. 2. The color was perfect with my custom sandals from Sseko Designs, which was fun.

denim pants with white multi-stripe tee and sandals
Chaser, Rolled-Sleeve Tee, $44, Made in China

So much I loved about this shirt - color, length, fit, folded sleeve detail. I wore it for most of the pics for this review, and it would work well with a lot of what I own (including my sandals!). But it was intended to look "worn," and the entire neck edge was raw where there should have been a fold of fabric. Not a fan. If I owned a shirt in that condition, I'd throw it away, not baby it through gentle laundering and drying flat, so I sent this back.

red dress with floral print
41 Hawthorn, Midnight Scallop Detail Dress, $74, Made in China

I had asked for a summery dress or skirt, and this is that! I tried to try this with an open mind, I really did, but red is even less my thing than pink. Besides the color though, the torso was too short and there was a nice bra-revealing (but cute!) cutout on the back, so returning was a no-brainer. I'll be updating my style profile to include a "no red" request.

dark denim boot-cut jeans
Kut From The Kloth, Clarise Flare Jean, $88, Made in Vietnam,

Do my legs look really long? It's because I'm standing on tip toe for these pants. It was fun to try on flare-cut jeans again; I'm guessing it's been a couple years! These almost fit, but were big around the waist (a very common fit issue for me) and were definitely way too long. Getting clothes altered isn't a good option for me right now - I just don't want to spend the time on it - so these went back. I'm definitely feeling okay about the rumor that flare/boot-cut jeans are coming back in style though! I found it interesting that Kut From The Kloth has a fairly lengthy social responsibilty policy, but it is just that - a policy that doesn't really put any responsibilty for enforcement on the brand itself. Further, the policy doesn't even include a statement about fair wages, but is limited to the environment, legal requirements, and child and forced labor, which are all important, but fall far short of what I would consider an ethical company.

melon pink denim jacket
Market & Spruce, Camila Boyfriend Jacket, $78, Made in China

ALL the photos I took in this jacket turned out horribly blurry, and it was too late to do retakes, so this is the best I've got.... Maybe it was a mistake to ask for a denim jacket and colored denim in the same Fix. I intended the colored denim request to be for pants, but was thinking a blue jacket, but wasn't clear enough in my note to my stylist. I actually did really like the pink-melon color of this, and probably would have worn it some, but I don't really want to add things that I won't wear a LOT to my wardrobe right now, so back it went.

This was the first box I've received where I didn't keep anything! I feel like the stylist did a pretty good job with my basic requests and style, but the pieces just didn't quite work for a variety of reasons. Also, I included my request for as many ethical and made-in-the-USA brands as possible, so I was bummed that none of these pieces met that criteria. I will emphasize that in my feedback for this Fix and the request note for my next Fix. My current thoughts are that only receiving 3 ethically/USA made items over 3 boxes is pretty disappointing, so if that doesn't increase in my next couple boxes, I'll probably be discontinuing my use of the service, fun as it is to have new things to try.

One last thought. For each piece in the Fix, the stylist also sends a picture with two outfit suggestions. In this fix, every item (except the jacket) was pictured with a denim jacket, and I really like the look! So I may be shopping for a denim jacket on my own soon. Suggestions?



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