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August Stitch Fix Review

This is my sixth box from Stitch Fix! Besides ethical/U.S.-made made pieces, I also requested items I might wear for our (toddler-included) anniversary trip in early October, since my next Fix won't be until after that. My stylist again attempted to find all 5 pieces that were ethical, sustainable, or made in the US, but some didn't seem to be when I looked them up. I had fun trying on these items, and kept a couple! Here's what I got, what I kept, and what I thought.

{Stitch Fix Basics: Stitch Fix is a style box of 5 items chosen for you by a stylist and delivered to your door! A style survey tells your stylist about your style, size, and price point preferences. The stylist fee is $20, which also includes shipping and return shipping, and is credited toward any items you keep from your Fix! You can get scheduled Fixes every few weeks, monthly, every other month, or every 3 months. You can share links to your Instagram and/or Pinterest board to give your stylist ideas of what styles you like. You can also leave a note for your stylist about what types of things you might like to see in your next Fix. If you want to try it out, this link will get you $25 off any items you keep from your first box!}

black sweater with black jeans and ankle boots
Laila Jayde, Dolman Knit top, $58, Made in Guatemala

I loved this top, and the quality seemed good, but like some other clothes I've received from Stitch Fix, the brand's website talks about made-in-the-USA products, but this top was not. Manufacturing outside the US isn't addressed on the brand's site at all. Interestingly, there are several very similar tops on the Laila Jayde website for $70, and I likely would have paid that if it was manufactured in the US. Ideally, maybe I should have contacted them to ask about this discrepancy, but it didn't make it to the top of my priority list right now.

black leggings with white and black polka dot short sleeve top
CeCe Sportswear, Flutter Sleeve top, $68, Made in China Beyond Yoga, Capri Leggings, $88, Made in USA

The note from my stylist suggested trying these on together, so I did (even though I'm not really a leggings-as-pants person) because one of the reasons I'm getting Stitch Fix is to try things I wouldn't otherwise. Honestly though, these leggings were so thick and flattering, they could probably almost rival my beloved black skinny jeans that I've been wearing for years. The cost was more than I've ever spent for leggings, but they're also nicer than any leggings I've worn so far. I've wanted another pair of black leggings a few times lately, so I decided to keep them. The top on the other hand, was not too exciting. White is less than child-friendly, not to mention the tendency to be see-through. I couldn't find anything anywhere suggesting that CeCe Sportswear uses ethical manufacturing standards, and I didn't love it, so returning was a no-brainer.

dark floral skirt and light floral short-sleeved top with ankle boots
Le Lis, Floral midi skirt, $54, Made in USA

This skirt is cute! I love that this color and small leaf print will work well for multiple seasons, so I decided to keep it. One of the outfit suggestions from Stitch Fix was with a light floral top, so I decided to give it a try with this one I have from Passion Lilie. I can't decide how I feel about the combo. What do you think?

grey and white striped sweater with denim pants
Amour Vert, Striped Pullover, $58, Made in Guatemala

Amour Vert has a great reputation for ethics, quality, and sustainability, and I don't own anything from them, so I was excited to have this piece to try out. My favorite thing? It looks like a hoodie, but isn't. It's like a cowl, so no hood bunching behind my back or getting caught in my bag strap. And I almost never actually wear the hoods anyway, especially if it's more of a shirt rather than an outer layer. I also like that it's 100% cotton, which is so nice to wear, though that does mean drying flat to keep from shrinking. I kept this, and can see myself packing it for our anniversary trip!

Style-wise, this was a great Fix, and having 3 of the pieces also fit the ethics standards I'm trying to apply to my wardrobe was good too! Since I've changed my Fix schedule to every other month, my next box won't come until mid-October. By then, it will be well into fall, so I'll probably be looking for some things to round out my cold-weather wardrobe! Here's the link again if you want to try Stitch Fix for yourself (and get $25 off items you keep from your first box)! What do you think of these styles? Did I make the right choices?

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