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June Stitch Fix Review

I had so much fun trying on the items in my fourth box from Stitch Fix! It containted some pieces in that I would not have chosen for myself, but I ended up loving a couple of them! In my note to my stylist for this Fix, I simply emphasized the importance of ethical or USA production and requested pieces for summer. Here's the run down on what I got, what I kept, and what I thought.

I decided to try my solid-wall backdrop again, and made some adjustments to the camera and lighting. This time I was sure to go through the photos before I boxed up my returns to make sure they were presentable! They're not perfect, but definitely better than last month. I enjoy how something as simple as a clothing try-on review gives me a chance to learn and experiment!

{Stitch Fix Basics: Stitch Fix is a style box of 5 items chosen for you by a stylist and delivered to your door! A style survey tells your stylist about your style, size, and price point preferences. The stylist fee is $20, which also includes shipping and return shipping, and is credited toward any items you keep from your Fix! You can get Fixes every few weeks, monthly, every other month, or every 3 months. You can share links to your Instagram and/or Pinterest board to give your stylist ideas of what you like. You can also leave a note for your stylist about what types of things you might like to see in your next Fix. If you want to try it out, this link will get you $25 off any items you keep from your first box!}

green tee shirt and floral mustard skirt
Le Lis, Faux Wrap Skirt, $58, Made in Guatemala

This was cute, but a little big (I tried it on twice before even realizing it a zipper!) and I struggled to find tops I liked with it in my wardrobe. It's funny that it was labeled a midi skirt; as you can see, it's way longer than that on me, and it was even a petite size! I also couldn't find much in the way of manufacturing information. The Le Lis website says, "We love and care for our team members. We make sure each and every member has fair wages and work hours to provide for their family, and to also have quality time to spend with their families & friends." This sounds great, but I wish there were more detail, such as if they really make sure this applies to their garment manufacturers and how they ensure that. However, I also learned from their website that Le Lis focuses on business-to-business wholesale (they don't sell retail to customers), so their website wasn't really designed to give me the type of information I would want. If I were considering keeping this skirt, I would probably contact them to ask some questions, but since I returned, I didn't take the time at this point. One other complaint. The main tag proudly proclaimed "Designed in USA," but I had to check the other tags to see where it is actually made. I don't like that type of smoke screen, and I'd venture to say that most clothing is designed in the US or major fashion cities (think London, Paris, etc.) and that where something was designed means nothing as far as company ethics.

grey tee shirt, black jeans
Warp & Weft, Ombre Hem Black denim, $98, Made in US

Why are crop pants always awkwardly ankle length on me??? Anyway, loved these, fit was okay, but I already have a pair of faded black denim jeans that I love, so I returned them. I did appreciated that these were made in the US and also that the company works toward water conservation and recycling.

Navy dress with beige flowers
Nine Britton, Knit Midi Dress, $54, Made in China

I would never have chosen to try this dress myself, and was convinced I would hate it. But I couldn't believe how good it looked, plus it was surprisingly comfortable! That is one of the reasons I decided to try Stitch Fix - to try things I wouldn't otherwise. I would have needed a M instead of a S, but I returned due to not finding manufacturing information for Nine Britton.

Blue print romper
Wisp, Cropped knit jumpsuit, $78, Made in Vietnam

So cute, so comfy, so uncertain about how it's made. I returned this due to it (presumably) not being ethically made. I'm honestly not sure how much I would have worn it anyway, since it's not breastfeeding-friendly, so returning was best for that reason too.

mustard colored top with denim pants
Renee C, Billow sleeve top, $44, Made in USA

I'm really starting to love this mustard color more and more. I also liked that this could be worn with blue or black denim. I did decide to exchange this for a XS from my usual S; I know the style is loose, but it just felt like too much. Now it's waiting in my closet for cooler weather!

I was glad to receive at least a couple US-made items in this box, and will definitely continue to request ethical and made-in-the-USA pieces for my next boxes to see what's available. I did feel like most of these were pieces I would at least consider as far as the styles, which is great after returning everything from my last box.

Here's the link again if you want to try Stitch Fix for yourself (and get $25 off items you keep from your first box)!

What do you think of these styles? Did I make the right choices?



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